Mozilla Boot to Gecko hands-on (video)

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|02.28.12

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Mozilla Boot to Gecko hands-on (video)
Here it is, folks: Mozilla's assault on the smartphone. Known as Boot to Gecko, the OS is geared toward hobbyists and consumers alike. Mozilla tells us that all Android users (with unlocked bootloaders) will be able to install the operating system onto their phones, and for less tenacious individuals, the non-profit group has begun lining up partners. We were given a quick demo of Boot to Gecko on a Galaxy S II, which included peeks at the dialer, messaging system, system preferences and, yes, the Mozilla Marketplace. Our initial impression? Boot to Gecko doesn't seem quite ready for prime time, as the operating system froze as we merely tapped through the settings and apps, which then required us to pull the battery. On the upside, the interface seems incredibly slick and the phone booted astonishingly fast -- it was good to go in about two seconds. Be sure to hop the break for the demo video of Boot to Gecko.

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