PSN Tuesday: Killzone 3 Multi, Reality Fighters demo, Gamers' Choice

Cast your vote for which PSN games you'd like to see discounted -- that's what the Gamers' Choice Awards boil down to. (And choosing which ones are the best or whatever.) You can start doing that today with the PS Store update.

Also joining us today: Killzone 3's free-to-play, standalone multiplayer is available for download. If we must find ourselves stuck in something called "Killzone," we'd rather not have to pay for it, as that sounds unpleasant and dangerous. Other PS3 releases include a new PSN game called Storm, and PSN releases of retail games Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest.

On Vita, you can check out a demo of the upcoming Reality Fighters, along with Touch My Katamari, Dynasty Warriors Next, and ModNation Racers. And you can finally get a dedicated Vita Foursquare app.