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AR.Drone 2 dated, coming in May with pre-order tomorrow

We got to see and play with the new Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 back at CES earlier this year, and now Parrot has announced that you're closer than ever to getting your hands on one yourself. The new version of the iOS-controlled quadricopter has gotten a release date: It'll be out for sale in May 2012. Brookstone is also exclusively hosting the pre-order for the new device, and pre-order sales will start up tomorrow, March 1.

In addition to the preorder information, Parrot's got more news. Since we last saw that prototype at CES, the company has added two big new features to the device. First off, as this very reported suggested to them in person at CES, they have added a "flip button" to the controller app, which means that with just a double-tap on the screen, the Drone will do a barrel roll while flying around. Very cool.

The other new feature is a USB port on the device itself, which will not only help for charging, but will apparently allow you to obtain pictures and video directly from the Drone, rather than recording them through the controller app (which we did see in action at CES). Both of those features add a nice bit of functionality onto what was already an excellent product, so get those credit cards ready for preorder if you're sold.