Line of Defense gets gung-ho in its latest trailer

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.01.12

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Line of Defense gets gung-ho in its latest trailer
Line of Defense
Listen up, maggots, 'cause I'm only going to tell you this once: If any of you bubblegum-chewing, Jersey Shore-watching couch potatoes thinks that space combat is a jolly good time, then... well, yes it is! Quite delightful, really. Lots of thrills, stunts, occasional headshots -- all those sorts of things. Afterward we will convene for scones and group cheers.

I guess that means it's time for your assignment of the day, which is to eyeball Derek Smart's Line of Defense trailer and let us know your professional opinion. It's a high-octane trip through the game's flexible combat locations, from drop ships to jeeps to parachutes to good old-fashioned ground firefights.

You can see how Line of Defense is shaping up after the jump!

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