BlackBerry 9320 leaks out, looks like every other Curve

If you thought RIM's decline would inject a need to give its handsets a major makeover, think again. The folks from BGR have smudged their fingertips all over an India-bound BlackBerry device and, well, it shamelessly resembles just about every member of the Curve family. The purported 9320 is said to come sporting OS 7.1 at its core, along with a 2.44-inch, 320 x 240 qVGA+ display, 512MB of RAM as well as a 3.2-megapixel rear shooter. Allegedly, the BlackBerry is also rocking a BBM button on its left spine, which should come in handy to those who love some Berry-specific instant messaging. Word is the Curve 9320 will be ready to hit the streets next month for around 12,000 Rupees (or around $245). Hopefully by then you haven't spent your cash on one of those shiny new talkers we saw in Barcelona.