Derek Smart on Line of Defense (and its competition)

Derek Smart

Dr. Derek Smart

is hard at work on the MMO interview circuit lately, and his sit-down with Massively a couple of weeks ago was only the beginning. The head honcho of Quest Online and 3000AD recently checked in with Rock, Paper, Shotgun to talk up the merits of his Line of Defense MMOFPS. He also had a few choice words for genre competitors like CCP's upcoming EVE Online sidequel.

"DUST 514, that's just going to fail," Smart opines. "There's no ifs, maybes or buts about it. The proper way I think that would have been done would have been to do an EVE sequel and bolt DUST 514 into it."

He doesn't stop there, though, and he goes on to say that folks who call EVE a space combat game "need to be taken out back and shot." It's a lengthy read, and Smart drops a few Line of Defense gameplay-related nuggets here or there, so head to RPS for all the details.