HTC unveils new APIs, opens Beats, lockscreen and more to devs

APIs, as essential as they are to our modern computing experience, aren't the sort of thing we usually get too excited about. HTC is walking away from Mobile World Congress having announced four new application interfaces though, that have piqued our interest. First up, and the most spotlight hogging of the bunch, is Beats. Soon enough any music app, game or what-have-you will be able to take advantage of the bass-boosting software equalizer. Perhaps more interesting, if a little less headline grabbing, is the ability to integrate your app with the Sense lockscreen -- a feature we'd love to see come to stock Android. Now lockscreen widgets wont be limited to Google's own music app... so long as you've got an HTC. The manufacturer is also prepping a MediaLink API for streaming content over wireless HDMI. Now the One X is looking even better than before, huh?