PSA: PlayStation Network goes down for maintenance tomorrow, will last around 15 hours

We know that it's become all too easy to assume that the PlayStation Network is getting hacked again whenever it goes down. That said, consider this another heads-up in long line of previous friendly reminders: Since being postponed last Thursday, Sony's announced that the PSN will go down for "significant maintenance" tomorrow, March 4th starting at 2 3 PM EST until approx 5 AM on Monday, March 5th. Unlike February's fixin', you'll still be booted offline even if you've logged-in with your SEN ID prior to the scheduled maintenance window. This means you won't be able to hop into a game of Domination on MW3, along with being restricted from accessing your account, the PlayStation Store, Home etc., as per usual. You can stay glued to PlayStation on Twitter to get the official word on when everything's back up, but may we suggest it could be a good chance for a lazy Sunday stroll? Hey, consider it an excuse to try out Near if you were one of the 1.2 million to snag yourself a PS Vita -- oh wait, that requires being logged into the PSN, too. Sigh.