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T-Mobile's next myTouch to come from Huawei?

The Magenta carrier's pumped out its fair share of myTouch handsets in the past months, and we can't blame you if you're confused by the fact that different OEMs have had their turn making the devices. Now, if a report by PocketNow is to be believed, the next phone maker in line is the same one that brought you that T-Mobile Springboard. And, if we take into consideration Huawei's recent push towards the US market, it wouldn't surprise us to see T-Mo's future myTouch lineup coming from the Chinese outfit. Allegedly, the device(s) will come in two Gingerbread-packing flavors, one of which is said to be sporting physical QWERTY keys -- à la the 4G Slide. While we know some of you are ready to part ways with the ol' timer 3G variant, it may be a while before the purported U8680 and U8730 are the real deal. Good news is MWC isn't exactly giving you a shortage of options.