PSA: Nokia 808 PureView not coming to North America

When we heard last year that the Nokia N9 wouldn't be coming to the US, we were left feeling a little letdown even though we half-expected the news. Espoo has assigned a similar fate to the esteemed 808 PureView -- our pick for the best innovation at Mobile World Congress -- and the same string of emotions overwhelmed us once more. According to Nokia's developer site, the 41MP-toting Belle device will enjoy a global release... with North America as the only listed exception. We assume this is in large part because carriers aren't expressing interest in subsidizing the device, but it doesn't necessarily mean interested folks won't have any way to snag an unlocked version to call their own. Several e-tailers, for instance, currently offer the PureView on pre-order. As long as this isn't purely an act of finger-crossing, we should at least be able to import it over to this side of the Atlantic soon enough -- at a much higher cost than the rest of the world.