Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me de-install Pogoplug

Dear Aunt TUAW,

My Pogoplug died several months ago. I haven't been using it since then. Today I discovered that it was still launching about a half dozen background processes, for example:

93 ?? 0:03.62 /Applications/Pogoplug/.resources/bin/hbwd /Applications/Pogoplug/.resources/bin/hbadmin.

Help me stop these from launching. I don't have a Pogoplug anymore and I don't want it running stuff that I haven't agreed to.

Thanks a bunch and here's some home-baked cookies for your pinochle night.

Your loving nephew,

Dan B.

Dear Dan,

The cookies were amazing! Who knew that you could make lace-pattered Werther's flavored shortbread?

As for your Pogoplug dilemma, Auntie sympathizes. Apps should always provide uninstallers as part of their basic dmg release. Auntie contacted Smadar Artsi, the head of Pogoplug support to see if he could help uninstall the software.

He sent along a script (which has been emailed to you directly) but asked that Auntie refrain from posting a public link to it. He writes, "I prefer this script not to become available to all – but through the support only on a request basis." So if any of Auntie's other nieces and nephews are facing a similar dilemma, go ahead and contact Pogoplug support directly.

Hugs and poodles,

Auntie T.