Toshiba Satellite P855 glasses-free 3D laptop hands-on (video)

Remember that glasses-free 3D Qosmio F750 (aka F755 in the US) gaming laptop we saw last year? We're not sure how many of them Toshiba has sold, but the company's PR folks tell us they've been popular enough to justify a further 15.6-inch glasses-free model -- a Satellite P855, which will have a more mainstream target audience. We're looking at exactly the same lenticular technology, which uses a webcam to adjust the 3D effect to the user's head movements, and which delivers effective results if you sit relatively still and give your eyes a chance to adapt. This time, however, the effect is delivered within a textured aluminum chassis that will likely appeal to a wider audience than the red-styled garishness of the Qosmio. The price tag has yet to be disclosed, but that should also be more appealing, since the Satellite range starts at £599 ($940). The P855 won't arrive until Q2 and Toshiba wasn't ready to reveal any concrete specs concerning the processor or graphics, other than saying this laptop is aimed at mainstream 3D gaming as well as Blu-Ray consumption. We asked about memory and storage too, but with no success -- all we could glean is that there are four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, Intel WiDi for direct WiFi beaming of 1080 video to a bigger screen, plus Harmon Kardon speakers. C'mon Tosh, give us Ivy Bridge paired with a 28nm Kepler GPU and make the world happy. (Hands-on video right after the break.)