Apple introduces iPhoto for iPad, updates Garage Band, iMovie and iWork

Apple's busy introducing a whole bunch of new apps to go along with its shiny new iPad, and iPhoto is near the top of the list. The "reinvention" of the iconic photo software will be available today for $4.99, and offers a plethora of features, such as bezel gestures, effects, multi-touch editing and direct beaming. You can also easily tweak white balance, exposure and saturation, and you can add geotags, notes and captions. Another highlight of the new iPhoto is the Journal, which allows you to pick and choose certain images to push to iCloud for web viewing. Interestingly, the announcement comes right on the heels of Adobe's competitive offering.

To complete the circle of iLife at today's event, Apple announced significant updates to iWork, iMovie and Garage Band. iWork's refresh utilizes the new iPad's Retina display and offers 3D charts, and each individual app -- Keynote 1.6, Numbers 1.6 and Pages 1.6 -- will be ready for purchase today for $9.99 (or free, if you already have the apps). Next up is iMovie, available for $4.99, which now offers the ability to turn your HD movies into trailers and adds a few more advanced editing tools. Finally, Garage Band introduces a new feature called Jam Session, which lets you and three of your friends connect iOS devices together wirelessly and play together in real-time. Just as before, newbies can get the updated app for $4.99.

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Apple Completes iLife for iOS With Introduction of iPhoto & Major
Updates to iMovie & GarageBand

SAN FRANCISCO-March 7, 2012-Apple today introduced iPhoto for iPad and
iPhone and major updates to iMovie and GarageBand, completing its
suite of iLife apps for iOS. iPhoto includes breakthrough Multi-Touch
features so you can use simple gestures to sort through hundreds of
photos and find your best shots, enhance and retouch your images using
fingertip brushes and share stunning photo journals with iCloud.
iMovie now gives you the ability to create amazing Hollywood-style
trailers as you record HD video on your iPad and iPhone. GarageBand
introduces Jam Session, an innovative and fun feature that allows a
group of friends to wirelessly connect their iOS devices to play
instruments and record live music together. Each app takes full
advantage of the stunning Retina display on the new iPad for
incredibly sharp and realistic images and video. The new iPad also
features a 5 megapixel iSight camera so you can record, edit and watch
1080p HD video all on the device.

"With the introduction of iPhoto, we've brought the entire suite of
iLife apps to iOS and users are going to love it," said Philip
Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.
"Whether brushing an effect onto a photo, shooting a movie trailer or
jamming with friends to record a song, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand
let you make amazing creations on iPad and iPhone."

iPhoto, Apple's popular photography app, has been completely
reimagined for iOS to take full advantage of the Retina display and
intuitive Multi-Touch gestures on iPad and iPhone. Simple gestures can
be used to select and compare photos side by side and flag your best
shots. iPhoto gives you full control over colour, exposure and
contrast, and you simply touch the parts of the image you want to
change. You can enhance pictures by adding beautiful Apple-designed
effects with just a tap, or apply adjustments exactly where you want
them with fingertip brushes. In addition to posting photos to
Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone
and iPad; stream photos and slideshows to your Apple TV with AirPlay;
and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web and share your
stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

iMovie now allows you to turn the HD video on your iPad and iPhone
into beautiful Hollywood-style trailers, even as you're recording. The
new Theater view lets you preview and choose from nine templates in a
range of genres including Fairy Tale, Superhero and Romance. Trailers
feature gorgeous, customisable graphics with soundtracks written by
legendary composers such as Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer and
performed by world class musicians like the London Symphony Orchestra.
You can also share your movie trailers to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook,
and use AirPlay to stream them to Apple TV in high definition
resolutions up to 1080p.

With the new Jam Session feature in GarageBand, you can invite up to
three of your friends to get together and wirelessly connect your iOS
devices to play and record as a group. Jam Session automatically
synchronises the tempo, key and chords of your Touch Instruments so
everyone sounds great. After jamming, everyone's tracks are
automatically collected on your iOS device for you to edit and mix.
GarageBand also introduces Smart Strings, a new Touch Instrument that
allows you to play an entire string orchestra with just one finger,
and the new Note Editor allows you to fine tune a Touch Instrument
recording instead of replaying it from scratch. Integration with
iCloud keeps your GarageBand songs up to date across your iOS devices,
and you can share your finished songs directly to Facebook, YouTube
and SoundCloud.

Apple today also updated its iWork for iOS apps to take advantage of
the stunning Retina display of iPad and to offer 3D charts so you can
create and view impressive 3D bar, line, area and pie charts. Pages
now includes support for landscape orientation on iPhone and iPod
touch, and Keynote gains new builds and transitions including Iris,
Shimmer, Wipe, Flame, Swing and Fade Through Color.

Pricing & Availability

iPhoto, iMovie 1.3 and GarageBand 1.2 are available today for $4.99 (US) each from the App Store ( Keynote 1.6, Pages 1.6 and Numbers 1.6 are available today for $9.99 (US) each from the App Store. Updates are available for free to existing customers.

iPhoto is a universal app that runs on iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later. iMovie is a universal app that runs on iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later and iPod touch (4th generation). GarageBand, Pages®, Keynote and Numbers® are universal apps that run on iPad (all models), iPhone 3GS or later, and iPod touch (3rd generation) or later. Some features require an iCloud account. Some features may not be available on all products. For more information please visit