SetCPU gets an ICS-like overhaul, makes overclocking easier to do

Rooting has gotten a bit easier in Android land as of late, what with certain OEM's getting officially on board with unlock tools. For those who can claim O.G. residence in this underbelly of Rubin's mobile kingdom, however, a premium app known as SetCPU should ring a familiar bell. That Google Play application, useful for overclocking processors, has recently gotten a face lift, aligning its design more closely with Ice Cream Sandwich's visual flair while nixing the previously complicated interface and its dense jargon-y fluff in the process. Included in this version 2.3.0 update is a new frequency slider, governor menu for adjusting processor scaling, added support for multi-core devices and a slew of bug fixes. Sadly, phones sporting Eclair and below have been dropped, but chin up, you can always head to HTC Dev to pursue that Dream.