Apple clearing out the old to make way for the new, selling iPad refurbs starting at $299

At this point, we're sure you've heard all about Cupertino's new slate. But, if for any reason the Retina display, iSight camera and A5X chip aren't enough to make you unload the $500+, Apple may have something for you. Quietly hiding in the online store's left corner is the special deals section, where a plethora of "Apple Certified Refurbished" devices await shoppers who don't mind a rejuvenated unit. For $299 you can virtually walk out with a WiFi, 16GB OG iPad, 50 bucks more gets you a second-gen with the same storage capacity and, if premium is your middle name, you could snag a 64GB WiFi / 3G iPad 2 for $679. It's also worth noting that all of them include a one-year warranty. Now, if that's still not budget-friendly enough, we hear there's a $129 tablet willing to take your cash.

[Thanks, Eddie]