Yahoo hits Facebook with patent infringement lawsuit

Yahoo has seen some fairly big shakeups within the company recently, and it looks like it's now also trying another change in tactics. As AllThingsD reports, Yahoo has today filed what's being described as a "massive" patent infringement lawsuit against none other than Facebook. That suit concerns ten patents in all, which cover everything from advertising and privacy measures to messaging and social networking itself. As detailed in the complaint (viewable at the source link below), Yahoo alleges that Facebook is infringing on those patents left and right, including in such core features as the News Feed, user profiles, and its advertising methods. Yahoo went on to say in a statement that it has licensed its patents to others but that the "matter with Facebook remains unresolved" and that it's therefore "compelled to seek redress in federal court," further noting that it's "confident" it will prevail.

For its part, Facebook says that it's "disappointed that Yahoo's effort to engage with us was limited to a few short phone calls and that we continue to learn of new developments about a long-time partner through the press," adding that "we will defend ourselves vigorously against these puzzling actions."