Google patent could replace the ringback tone with adverts (updated)

It's a patent, so we can't promise it'll appear in the next version of Android, but since Google's filed it, you never know. Mountain View's best and brightest (Ronald Ho and Jennifer W. Lin) have patented adverts that replace the cellphone ringtone. Once it's identified the caller and the location, rather than playing your specially selected "Mom" song, it'll play a relevant advert -- say, for a local florist or the nearest drug store. Advertisers are billed depending on how much of the track gets played: so they'll be paying top-dollar when you take a few seconds to pause before answering to your boss.

Update: Patents, eh? As many of you pointed out, it's less about your ringtone and more about the ringback: so when you're waiting for the other person to pick up, you'll be treated to advertising.