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IK Multimedia's DJ Rig arrives on the App Store

Back in January, IK Multimedia announced the iRig Mix and accompanying app, DJ Rig. We're still waiting to get our hands on the mixer (due at some point later this month), but the DJ Rig app has arrived on the App Store. And you don't need the iRig Mix to take advantage of it.

DJ Rig is a double-deck DJ mixing app that hooks straight into your iPhone's music library. With two turntables, tempo syncing, multiple cue points, sample-based pads and some crazy but useful DJ effects, performing your very own DJ set has never been easier.

I'm no DJ, but I took the app for a spin and found, for the most part, its automatic beat matching to be very effective, unless you're playing some rather complicated beats. Simply, while playing one song, I queued another, hit the Sync button and used the crossfader to bring the two songs together.

Additional features include a three-band EQ for each deck, scanning a track in wave form, and looping functionality. There are some further features to the app (X-Sync), but they only work in conjunction with the yet-to-be-released iRig Mix (We'll be sure to provide some details on that just as soon as we can).

DJ Rig is available for iPhone on the iOS App Store for US$1.99 with an additional in-app purchase of $4.99 for the Pro Bundle, which gets you all the extra features.