Givit video sharing service offers easy export of FlipShare clips

Clinging desperately to the last vestiges of your beloved Flip? Well, as the December 31st, 2013 deadline to rescue your vids approaches, you're running out of time to pick a successor to your FlipShare affections. Sharing service Givit hopes to be the platform that takes the reins to your video-sharing heart. In order to lure in new users, it's integrating (however briefly) with FlipShare to offer you one click exporting of your clips from the doomed Cisco property. Users who log into FlipShare will see a link offering them 25GB 2GB of free storage if they move their movies to Givit as well. All in all, not a bad deal. If you want to give it a test run before handing over the keys to your memories, hit up the source link.

Update: Givit reached out to correct an error in the original release they sent us. New members will only get 2GB free, but those signing up from FlipShare will received double the normal amount of storage on premium accounts.

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Givit ( – the first universal cloud service for personal, private video sharing – will be integrating with Flipshare, the companion video sharing software included with the Flip Camera, offering more than 3 million users of the device a new place to permanently store and privately share their videos. Flipshare will be closed down in December 2013, and all videos on the service will be permanently deleted within 30 days from the announcement. When logging in to FlipShare, users will find a link allowing them to instantly transfer their entire library over to Givit with just one click. People transferring over their data will receive 25GB of free storage on the new platform.

Givit, currently available on iOS, Android, web and PC / Mac, is universally compatible with all video formats, types, devices, file sizes and more. Private by default, Givit is the perfect solution for sharing private home videos, personal messages or confidential business projects with friends, family and colleagues. Videos can be instantly and securely captured, shared and viewed on any device, adaptive to available network / bandwidth speeds for optimal playback. The service offers a simple and convenient platform for all your personal video content.

An incredibly simple interface makes the service accessible to anyone, and the private-by-default platform keeps shared content confined to a closed network of recipients with private feedback and response features akin to those for YouTube videos.

Givit CEO & Founder Greg Kostello is available for interview or a demo of the service any time at your convenience – if you'd be interested in speaking with him, simply let us know. Please see below for the full embargoed release with more information. We will also have a video demonstration of the video transfer process available shortly.

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