Netflix reveals Android app tests that keep it running on 'around 1000' devices daily

In a quick peek behind the curtain at what life can be like as an Android developer, Netflix's Tech Blog has posted details of the testing process for each iteration of its app. According to Netflix's own stats, after being initially released for just a handful of phones nearly a year ago it now streams to "almost around 1,000" different devices daily. The situation of building one app for different hardware, software (including CM7 and CM9), screen sizes and and other variations like hardware or software decoding presents many challenges, but the team has filtered down to 14 devices (10 phones, 4 tablets) that give maximum coverage for their daily tests. Add in an HTML5 frontend for the native video video player, and suddenly the staggered rollout across devices starts to make more sense. Hit the source link for more info on how it all gets put together and shaken down through both automated and human testing, while Apple fans can wait for a similar breakdown of the iOS process that's on the way.