Sprint Galaxy Nexus gets approved by FCC, one step closer to daylight

The Samsung SPH-L700. It may sound like a silly combination of letters and numbers, but it just so happens to be the model number for Sprint's version of the Galaxy Nexus -- and it's officially made it through the prying eye of the FCC, still on track for a launch in the first half of 2012. It sports LTE band 25, which is the 1900MHz flavor Sprint has chosen to use when it launches its take on the next-gen network in the near future. The latest variant of the Nexus also keeps in line with the measurements on its Verizon counterpart and offers support for 850 / 1900 CDMA, Bluetooth and NFC. It doesn't offer up many more secrets, but how often do FCC docs slip up and spill all the beans? With the government's approval in the rear view mirror, we're hoping this means we'll be seeing the real deal quite soon.