Kinect makes pact with head-mounted display, virtual reality Skyrim ensues

Yeah, streaming Skyrim on a Tegra 3-powered Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is nice and all, but what about folks who want a more immersive experience with their beloved time sink? One tech-savvy gamer took matters into his own hands -- conjuring a bit of electronics alchemy by throwing together Sony's HMZ-T1 head-mounted display with a Kinect sensor, a TrackIR5 for head tracking and voice recognition software. The result is an experience that allows any wannabe adventurer to press onward into Tamriel's frozen north by marching in place while imbibing in a true, head-mounted first-person perspective. Admittedly, stomping around and flailing one's arms may lack the elegance and playability of The Gadget Show's $650,000 Battlefield 3 simulator, but at $1500, it's a homegrown virtual reality experience that's actually within reach. Now go forth and explore the video after the break.