Alleged Exynos 5 specs leaked in slide show spyshot

Did the murmurings about a quad-core Galaxy S III this morning leave you feeling a bit... meh? We don't blame you. Sure, four cores and integrated LTE sounds great but (and this is a big "but"), Cortex-A9 is old hat. What we really want to hear about are those upcoming Cortex-A15 chips. Well, this should get your blood flowing -- a slide has leaked, allegedly loaded with detailed Exynos 5 specs. Looks like initial entrants will have a pair of A15 cores running at 2GHz, backed up by a quad-core Mali T-604 MP4 GPU. All of that will supposedly be built with Samsung's new 32nm High-K Metal Gate process. We've been unable to independently verify these details, but they are in line with what we've been led to expect. Still, until some Sammy PR comes down the pipeline we're taking everything with a grain of salt.

[Thanks, John]