Ben Heck's wireless luggage will draw R2-D2 comparisons, stares from the TSA

Rolling your luggage through the airport with your arms? There's got to be a better way! If you're a lucky fan of everyone's favorite console modder Ben Heck, you could win the freshly-built hands-free robotic luggage lovingly nicknamed "Doug." Or you can just catch the latest episode of Heck's show to figure out how to build an obedient wheeled suitcase of your very own -- and wink at all of the requisite R2-D2 references. Old Doug here will follow its master (whoever happens to be holding its transmitter) up to 20 feet away, speeding up when he or she is further away and stopping when within a foot. The 'bot's desire to follow is fully disabled when you pick it up off the ground. Click the source link, if this happens to be the luggage you're looking for.