LG launches new A540-T/D 3D notebook, adds A540-P IPS model

While LG neatly folded its glasses-free A540-H model into its CES line-up at the start of the year, it's now added another pair of notebooks to launch alongside it in Korea. This includes another 3D model that requires a pair of stylish squash goggles passive 3D glasses to gain that extra dimension. For those less disposed to hanging techno eye-wear off their face and watching Avatar again, there's the simpler two-dimensional joys of the A540-P, which houses a 15.6-inch AH-IPS display. All three versions house the same Core i7 processors and a GeForce GT555M for the necessary graphical grunt work. Fans of both mono and stereoscopic computing can consult the (Google-translated) press release below for more details.

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Autostereoscopic 3D notebook 'Xnote A540' released

■ 'child tracking' technology Autostereoscopic 3D notebook cinema release
- Eye webcam to track the location offers the best Autostereoscopic 3D Imaging
- 2D to 3D conversion of images easily adopt the touch of a button
- 'SRS Premium Sound 5.1' technology provides realistic surround sound
■ maximize the brightness and clarity apply IPS panel simultaneous release model, and general 3D models

"3D, take off the glasses"

LG Electronics 3D capabilities greatly enhanced notebook 'Xnote A540 series' launch on the 19th and went on expanding domestic 3D market leadership.

Autostereoscopic 3D Cinema flagship laptop (A540-H) without having to wear glasses seem tantalizingly possible to enjoy 3D images.

In particular, LG Electronics, the user automatically optimized according to the movement that brings 3D images of the 'child tracking' technique was applied. 'Eye Tracking' at the top of the product with a Webcam (Web Cam) two real-time tracking of changes in eye position, viewing angle and distance moved by automatically calculating the optimal Autostereoscopic 3D effect.

Easy to use 3D also features. One-touch buttons to convert any regular 3D stereoscopic images as vivid and easy to convert whatever you can enjoy. A grouping of a variety of 3D applications and '3 D Space 'by default seolchidwae games, movies, etc. 3D images can be enjoyed more easily.

This product 4.1-channel speaker (Sub Woofer included) and 'SRS Premium Sound (Premium Sound) 5.1' technologies by adopting realistic stereo sound.

This product is 20% better multitasking performance second-generation 'Core i7' quad-core processor was mounted. A strong graphics card GeForce stereoscopic 3D (GeForce) GT555M all.

Silver sophistication of light aluminum material, pebble-shaped Pebble (Pebble) and numeric keyboard dedicated key (Number Keypad) is added convenience.

LG Electronics, the consumer choice model in order to expand the 3D Cinema 3D glasses effect Laptop (A540-T / D) also introduced. All functions except 3D approach is the same as the laptop Autostereoscopic 3D cinema.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics, the AH-IPS panel, applying the model implementing crisp, sharp image quality (A540-P) was released in July 1996. This product pan Borden, clear, clean image at any angle to the Internet search and you can watch the video. The Full HD (1920x1080) resolution, multitasking support is excellent. 3D is not supported.

Autostereoscopic 3D model 2 price 2.25 million won each paper / 2,850,000 won, 1,730,000 won glasses, 3D models, IPS model is 1,930,000 won.

Suh, vice president of LG Electronics, IT project manager, "Autostereoscopic 3D Autostereoscopic 3D display after the notebook market is also expected to lead" and "the most easy and comfortable to enjoy the 3D '3 D = LG 'solidify its image," he said.