OnLive and Rockstar release touch-controlled version of LA Noire

Way back in December, when OnLive first announced it would release a set of tablet apps for its cloud gaming service, we heard that Rockstar Games was also working on touch controls for LA Noire, making the console and PC game behave more like a native touchscreen app. And tonight, OnLive says those controls are finally available. If you load up LA Noire in an OnLive mobile app, you can play it by directly swiping across the screen rather than using virtual buttons or OnLive's wireless controller.

You'll need a free OnLive account to sign on to the service, and you'll need to buy LA Noire on the service if you want to play the whole thing (though just like all of the other games on OnLive, there is a free trial available to play with as well, no installation required).

And for now, you'll still need an Android tablet. OnLive has said it's working on an iOS version, but even though the company has released an iOS app for its Windows PC cloud service, the game client is "still in approval process with Apple," the company told Joystiq. It's been in that situation ever since it was announced, which suggests perhaps Apple isn't so happy with the app, though OnLive couldn't confirm anything along those lines. At any rate, if you have the app on Android and want to try touching LA Noire a little more directly, give it a shot.