Einstein Archives website rolls out first phase of project to get 80,000 documents online

Believe it or not, there are still things that have yet to be put on the internet. That has included most of Albert Einstein's archives, a portion of which has previously been available, but which now has a greatly expanded online presence courtesy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (and a grant from the Polonsky Foundation UK). The first phase of that expansion includes some 2,000 digitized documents, ranging from personal correspondence to scientific papers, which are fully searchable and able to be examined right down to the finest detail. Additional documents will continue to be added over the course of 2012, with the ultimate goal being to get all of the 80,000+ items in the university's own archives online (they've all already been cataloged). No word on any future plans for tablet apps or the like, but you can dive into the new website right now at the source link below.