Google reportedly rethinking Google Wallet strategy, may share revenue with carriers

It's not a done deal just yet, but Bloomberg is reporting that Google could be about to make some big changes to the way it does business with Google Wallet. Citing people with knowledge of the project, Bloomberg says that Google is considering sharing revenue from Google Wallet (specifically that from coupons and special offers) with carriers in an effort to boost adoption of the service, which hasn't exactly taken off as quickly as Google may have hoped (and is also seeing some increased competition). In addition to that, Google is also said to be considering a move that would side-step the carriers and focus more heavily on in-store terminals -- something Bloomberg says could involve additional hardware and software in stores that would work in conjunction with software on Google's own servers. For its part, Google didn't have much to say on the matter, simply noting in a statement that it continues to "work hard to develop Google Wallet and build the partner ecosystem to make it possible for everyone to pay with their phones and get great deals while shopping."