HTC Sensation ICS camera mod allows 20Mbps 1080p video, adds 'experimental' 1250 ISO

It looks as if yesterday's Tango isn't the only thing being delivered from the XDA forums, as user NODO-GT is hooking some of you up with a sensational hack. That is, if you're rocking an HTC Sensation coated with a tasty (albeit unofficial) Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. The handset's shooter mod allows for 20Mbps 1080p video recording (double the stock 10Mbps) while also boosting quality in the process, as well as bumping the 2MB size cap of images. In addition, XDA member krogoth chipped in with an "experimental" 1250 ISO mode -- you know, for times when you feel like shooting a starry night. Those looking to take HQ Sensation for a snap can do so by heading over to the source below.