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Nokia releases Play To beta, updates Music app for Windows Phone

To follow its announcement of updated Nokia Drive, Maps and Transport apps (and not to forget Creative Studio), the firm in Finland now has two more servings of software to crow about for its Lumia lineup -- okay, no more alliterations. We promise. Today, Nokia has announced an updated version of its music app, now dubbed -- simply enough -- Nokia Music 2.0, along with an entirely new beta package known as Nokia Play To. While the Music upgrade appears to include little more than minor revisions to the wording of certain functions, the Play To software will cater to users of DLNA equipment with its ability to stream photos and videos. Because it's only in beta form, the means to stream music hasn't yet arrived, but Nokia intends to bake this ability into a future revision of Play To. For those who'd like to be a Guinea pig for the Espoo crew, just check out Nokia's source link below.