TiVo Premiere DVRs may get more storage soon, $149 500GB units appear for preorders

Just like the initial run of TiVo Premiere DVRs two years ago, it appears that a refreshed version has been spotted at retail prior to any official announcement from the company. TiVo may be waiting for its official birthday March 31st to unwrap the new models, but a poster at TiVo Community has dug up listings at Amazon and showing the new TCD746500 TiVo Premiere with 500GB HDD retailing for $149 (with 1 year service plan at $14.99, of course). That can be compared to the original's 320GB drive that's currently selling at around $80. The listings hint at shipments beginning in the next few weeks, while these drives certainly won't sate the hunger of those pursuing a 1TB Premiere XL or quad tuner Elite model, a claimed extra 30 or so hours of HD recording could be worth waiting for, even at the higher price. We're not seeing indications of any other differences yet, but we'll keep you updated if more information becomes available.

[Thanks, @BrennokBob]