ASUS teases 'awesome new features' for Transformer Prime, doesn't say what they are (update)

Like that one friend who cares enough to update everyone about a "killer party" they're headed to without saying where it is, the official ASUS Facebook page has dropped a teaser that is as tantalizing as it is frustratingly vague. The note promises "awesome new features" in the next update for its Transformer Prime, but has absolutely no details on what that means. So what could be in store, some minor .01 revision ICS bump, further GPS tweaks, custom ASUS apps or some celebratory Hasbro wallpapers? Of course, we'd love to hear that everyone's getting a new higher-res display swapped into their Tegra 3 tablet, but even with lasers and time travel still on the table, we're thinking that's not it. Feel free to dream big in the comments below -- for the moment, anything is possible.

Update: If you need a hint, several commenters have pointed out posts on XDA Developers by ASUS' Gary Key indicating firmware will arrive "by March 30th" so it shouldn't be a long wait. A possible preview of the features included is also in the thread, culled from a list on the company's Swedish Facebook site for a differently numbered, though also yet to be released update. Check the list after the break or hit the links below to follow the breadcrumbs for yourself.

New Features:
+ Press-able notification in Lock screen
+ User can able to check reminder or notification of unread email under screen locked.
+ Upgrade Vibe from v1.0 to v2.0 with corresponding MyLibrary and MyCloud versions - Vibe2.0 improves UI and provides more media contents

New Functions:
+ Support the USB to LAN cable of UX series (Accessory)
+ Camera FW background forced update mechanism - Camera FW upgrade will be automatically installed with image upgrade so there is no need to press the independent camera upgrade icon in the notification area.
+ Support Ad hoc mode (Ad hoc mode was supported in HC but 1st time support in ICS)
+ Keep use's choice of browser viewing type (Tablet or Desktop website viewing type)
+ Enable power profile (Battery information setting)
+ New display mode of HDMI output - Scale mode(Default) and Crop mode (Detail comparison in next two sides.)