Purchased Play store apps gone missing? Google's looking into it

Quite a few folks have seen many of the apps they paid cold, hard cash for have disappeared from their list of purchases after Google rebranded Android Market as the Play Store. We haven't had the problem ourselves, but according to a litany of posts on the XDA-Developers forums, there are plenty of you out there who have. In addition to disappearing from the list of purchases, the afflicted apps apparently give users an error message when attempting to access them directly. Rest assured, the folks in Mountain View are aware of the problem and are "looking into the issue" according to the company's Known Issues page -- though curiously it's filed it under "Recently Fixed" despite its ongoing nature. So, what say you, dear readers, has Google gotten a handle on this latest glitch, or are you still without access to your precious paid apps? Sound off in the comments below.