Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 brings easier photo-uploading, automatic link-shortening, BBM integration

Listen up, you BlackBerry users, you: RIM's just released a new version of its Twitter app, and though the list of new features is hardly earth-shaking, they should all be welcome additions to those of you who've been making do with version 2.0. On board we've got automatic link-shortening, for starters, along with BlackBerry Messenger integration (read: the ability to link your Twitter account with BBM). So far so good, right? You can also upload photos to directly from your device's camera, or as you're composing tweets. Finally, Twitter says it's made it easier to share websites from within the browser. So long as you've got BlackBerry 5 installed as your OS, you can get your download on at the link below. Still haven't upgraded from 4.6? Sorry, folks, you're stuck with version 2.0.