Windows 8 Metro-style Firefox comes out of hiding, still a diamond in the rough

Defaults are king in the realm of tech. So forgive Mozilla for its naked ambition to be users' go-to browser of choice. The company, fully aware of Windows 8's slow, looming approach to market, has set its sights on that unclaimed slice of market pie, hunkering down into development of a Metro-style Firefox, announced just this past February. While the project remains in its infancy, the team has issued a progress report of sorts with accompanying screenshots, proving that its roughly hewn, proof of concept will work nicely with Microsoft's two-faced platform. Based on the Fennec XUL code, the project's already begun successfully integrating with the live tile flavor of that OS, implementing HTML file input controls, snap for managing multiple running apps, in addition to search and share contracts. If all goes according to the outfit's 2012 roadmap, we could be seeing a beta release hit sometime in the second half. Let's just hope Redmond gets its own stable of planned slates and PCs out to market first.