PlayStation Vita 1.66 firmware update rolling out now, minor UI tweaks in tow

Shortly after unleashing (and quickly pulling back) the PS Vita's v1.65 firmware update, Sony's rapidly rolling out a followup release. Version 1.66 brings with it a few UI tweaks, including tidbits such as the addition of a progress bar during app installs, notification alerts now only popping up for three seconds, plus the option to tap Retry / Cancel when running into troubles during location search. Games like Unit 13 and Gravity Daze will also see "functional improvements," while the Near app is getting a direct link to the PlayStation Store, making it easier to grab apps that other folks are toying with. The refresh is up for grabs now, so be sure to hit that System Software on your quad-core beast, or head over to the source below if you're in need of some guidance.