YouTube lets you watch 1080p 2D videos in '3D' with your anaglyph specs

Another day, another bit of news out of Mountain View. Stereoscopic 3D videos have been on YouTube for nearly three years, and since last year, the site has given viewers the option to transform "short-form" 2D content to 3D -- with a single click on the settings bar, that is. Today, the beta feature comes to 1080p videos, meaning you'll now be able to watch your favorite Phillip DeFranco and Shay Carl vlogs with extra chromatic impact in full HD. YouTube notes that it's "constantly improving the underlying conversion technology," which figures out how to simulate the effect based on characteristics of the video itself and true 3D videos uploaded to the site. We'd say there's still something slightly amiss about using folding blue and red glasses to watch two-dimensional HD video in faux anaglyph 3D, but you can make the call for yourself by reading up about the magic at the source link below.