Too late for Easter: Chocolate printer to hit eBay in April, cost $4,000

Confection connoisseurs hoping to skip the whole "molded chocolate" routine for something more constructive won't have to wait long: Choc Edge's delectable 3D dessert printer is almost ready. The Choc Creator is the brainchild of Liang Hao and a kitchen of assistant cooks -- additional research at the University of Brunel, software by developer Delcam, oversight from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and funding from the Research Councils UK's Digital Economy program. Hao founded Choc Edge to distribute the completed machines, the first of which will be available from eBay on April 10th. Of course, pre-orders are also available for £2,488, or just under $4,000. Yes, the price of printing your own sweets is steep, but when you take that first bite into your custom Engadget logo -- won't it be worth it?