Max Payne to rampage on iOS April 12th, Android April 26th

Are you a smartphone user with an itchy trigger finger? Listen up. Rockstar Games has announced that the one and only Max Payne will begin terrorizing your iOS and Android devices in the very near future. The wares will be available for Apple-branded gear (iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, along with the iPod touch 4 and all iPad iterations) on April 12th, and Google's implements two weeks later on the 26th. Max Payne Mobile is promising to deliver HD graphics, high resolution textures and exclusive content via the company's Social Club service to your miniaturized screen. Rockstar did not elaborate on which Android sets would be supported, but promised to publish a full list "in the coming weeks." Limber up those thumbs, charge up that handset and get ready to lay waste to... pretty much anything that moves.