Intel Medfield-packing Lenovo K800 to land next month, has an avatar in tow

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Wondering when the Lenovo K800 will finally land? Or perhaps you're curious about how those Medfield processors will perform in real life? The answer to both those questions should be with us towards the end of next month -- according to Intel's Sean Maloney, who's hosting the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing right now. Announcing via microblogging site Sina Weibo, Maloney didn't go as far as fixing a date, but did go on to confirm that it will also be bringing the firm's new "Avatar Technology" with it (pictured after the break). What that is exactly, has yet to be revealed, but we're pretty sure / hopeful James Cameron's not involved.

Update: Our sources indicated that the launch will be towards the end of May, but yeah, still exclusive to China.
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