Boeing to launch super secure Android phone, hopes it takes off

You know what we've always wondered? Why doesn't Boeing just hurry up and release a phone? Joking aside, this is really happening. The news comes via National Defense Magazine which reports that the airplane manufacturer is developing an Android handset which will have strong security credentials. Currently dubbed "the Boeing phone" we hope the firm puts more thought into its aircraft than its project codenames. Before you start folding out your green, however, be warned that despite running Google's popular OS, and being a cellular device, the price point is still likely to be more jumbo jet than paper plane, with a Boeing exec pointing out that competitor offerings typically float around the $15-20,000 mark. He goes on to point out that it won't cost as much as this, but will still likely be out of our reach back here in coach. No word on any sort of specification at the minute, but if you fancy yourself as a high-flyer (or more likely, you work in defense) keep an eye out for this landing later on this year. Now, what if Samsung made a plane..?