Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 remote viewfinder hands-on (video)

At last night's launch of the US-bound Galaxy Player 4.2 -- also known elsewhere as the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 -- we had the opportunity to try out Samsung's remote viewfinder with the WiFi-equipped WB150F digital camera we saw at CES. The free app -- which runs on Android and iOS devices -- provides select Samsung shooters with a wireless viewfinder and remote. We noticed a minor amount of lag with the live video stream but the controls (shutter, zoom, flash, timer, image size) were quite responsive. Pictures can even be geotagged and saved to both the camera and the remote device. Unlike its predecessor, the WB150F becomes a WiFi access point instead of relying on the app to create a hotspot -- something that's generally limited to phones that allow tethering. While Samsung was showcasing the app on the Galaxy Player 4.2, it works on most Galaxy devices and installs on other Android handsets too (like our HTC One X). Peek at our gallery below and hit the break for our hands-on video.