Apple still blocked from using push email in Germany


German users of iCloud and MobileMe are going to have to wait a bit longer for push email to be reinstated on their favorite Apple devices. A regional court in Mannheim has upheld a ban on the service in Germany based on a patent lawsuit brought by Motorola Mobility against Apple.

Motorola won the court case in February and was granted a permanent injunction against the services built into iCloud and MobileMe. The court has now upheld the ban and determined that Apple must pay unspecified damages to Motorola Mobility.

The lawsuit is related to a patent entitled "Multiple Pager Status Synchronization System and Method," which covers push services. Motorola filed the suit last April prior to the announcement of iCloud, based on the push email service built into MobileMe. Motorola was able to successfully argue that MobileMe is part of iCloud, hence the lawsuit that originally targeted MobileMe has been extended to cover Apple's current cloud services.