Canon 'examining countermeasures' for 5D Mark IIIs experiencing top LCD light leak problem

Looks like the honeymoon period with Canon's beastly 5D Mark III is officially over. Over the past few weeks some users have noticed that light leaking from its top-mounted LCD can affect exposure readouts, and now the company has confirmed that it's indeed an issue. Essentially, the camera's meter can experience a shift in the readout whenever the LCD's backlight turns on in a dark situation -- ensuring frustration when composing shots. There's no word on how wide-spread the problem currently is, but Canon notes that it's "examining the countermeasures" and plans to circle back once it has a solution. Interestingly, PetaPixel also reports that some folks have experienced the phenomenon when ambient light beams down on the panel as well. This isn't the first time Canon's had an issue with a shooter after its release, but hopefully a fix will be in soon. You'll find more details at the links below, but while you're here, let us know if you've got a Mark III showcasing the symptoms in the comments.