Sony NEX-FS700 cinema camera hands-on (video)

Sony's otherwise dull pre-NAB press conference yielded one gem -- the NEX-FS700 cinema camera -- which the company announced earlier this month. The FS700 doesn't include 4K shooting functionality out of the box, but it is 4K capable, with the appropriate software coming later in the form of a firmware update. The camera includes the familiar Sony E-mount, bringing with it compatibility with interchangeable lenses, including the standard 18-200mm lens attached to the demo camera at today's event. There's also a trio of ND filters on board -- 1/64ND, 1/16ND and 1/4ND -- along with some impressive slow-motion capabilities, ranging from 120 to 240 frames-per-second in 1080p, going all the way up to 960fps if you're willing to sacrifice full-HD resolution. Company reps confirmed that the camera is expected to retail for "under $10,000" when it hits the market in June, while that 4K update should hit before the year is out, once Sony's external recorder becomes available. The body itself looks very similar to its predecessor, the NEX-FS100, and is lightweight enough for comfortable handheld shooting. Jump past the break for a closer look live from Las Vegas, with Sony Senior Vice President Alec Shapiro.