MGM delivers 600 movies to YouTube and Google Play, gives you one more place to watch Robocop

With Robocop currently in rotation on both Netflix and HBO Go, you're probably wondering, "where else can I get my daily dose of media and cultural criticism delivered by a trigger happy law enforcement cyborg?" Well, YouTube and Google Play apparently. MGM has struck a deal with the folks in Mountain View to bring 600 of its titles to the streaming services, including the aforementioned dystopian-Detroit sci-fi classic. Of course, plenty of other top shelf titles will also be available to rent and purchase in the coming weeks -- including Terminator, Rocky and Rain Man. Unfortunately for those not in the northern portion of the western hemisphere the deal is only applicable to the US and Canada. This also means that, regardless of whatever struggles Google has had in the content distribution market, it now has four of the five major studios on board. Though, we wouldn't hold your breath for Fox.