JINX reveals its spring collection


If you're aiming to add a little Azeroth flavor to your swagger, JINX is the go-to source for WoW swag. After all, JINX is a proven purveyor of WoW clothing, hats, and even the occasional hoodie. JINX's designs tend to be fun, creative, and WoW-flavored with a strong mainstream appeal. It's great stuff, even if you don't want every person who glances at you to instantly think, "Ah, this is a man who's really into video games."

The Spring Collection has finally been announced, heralding the arrival of new designs aplenty for the WoW geek who likes to wear the game on his sleeve. My favorite is probably Property of Tol Barad Prison. After all, after enough games there, I certainly feel like I've given up my soul. Jinx also has a couple of new spray pins that look snazzy attached to backpacks. I'm avoiding faction bias by getting one of each for my Mac's bag.