Sandia National Laboratories generates neutrons in a radical way

The Responsive Neutron Generator Product Deployment Center (say that quickly five times) at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM has discovered a way to take the conventional cylindrical tubes out of the equation and introduce a more computer-chip like, mass-produced neutron source on an astonishingly smaller scale. For those seeking lay terms, we're hearing that possible practical applications include implantation close to tumors in cancer patients to minimize time in the hospital for treatment, and sensors for contraband. Sandia Labs' technical staff has created what it calls a "neutristor," which produces one neutron per transistor, a concept that was directly inspired by the two transistors per bit on microchips. The team is currently seeking funding to ensure future viability, and well, to pay for stuff. Check out the video after the break, as well as further information at the source.