aTV Flash (black) for Apple TV hits version 1.5, brings new player, NFS streaming and more

Folks enjoying all the tidbits aTV Flash (black) brings to the 2nd-gen Apple TV will be happy to know there's a fresh update rolling out now. Inside v1.5, FireCore's added new features such as NFS streaming, as well as including other minor things like extra transitions, subtle timing settings and support for more languages. In addition, and what's perhaps the biggest enhancement, the $29.99 kit is also getting an all-new player, which promises a smoother playback regardless of the file type being used -- not to mention it's optimized for iOS 5. Of course, the refresh is gratis to those who've already shelled out the cash, and you can get to it by hitting the "Manage Extras" menu on Cupertino's miniature box. Not familiar with aTV Flash? Give the source link below a quick click to peruse all about it.