Cybram 001 simulator helps doctors practice brain surgery without risking lives (video)

Sometimes it's awesome to be a guinea pig; take for example, getting down and dirty with the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. When it comes to brain surgery, however, there are no happy little accidents -- and let's face it, Bob Ross would've been a horrible surgeon. Thankfully, a new invention out of Japan promises to keep surgeons from taking practice swings at your noggin. Known as the Cybram 001, it's said to properly simulate the flow and pressure of one's arterial system from the cerebrum to the groin, and should allow doctors to gain greater familiarity with inserting surgical instruments into these delicate spaces. As the entire model is transparent, it's ideal for both students and instructors to see what's being done, and because variables such as blood pressure and heart rate can be adjusted, it's a useful simulator for different scenarios in the operating room. Not all of us will grow up to be brain surgeons, but if you'd like a peek into the frontiers of the field, just hop the break.